Approximate Synthesis of 5-SS Multi Link Suspension Systems for Steering Motion

조향 운동을 고려한 5-SS 멀티링크 현가장치의 근사 합성

  • Published : 2001.01.01


This paper presents an approximate synthesis of 5-SS multi link suspension for 2 D.O.F motions. In the proposed synthesis method, alteration curves of camber, toe, kingpin and caster angles are optimized during the bump rebound and the steering motions. And joint positions can be located within desired boundari es. Especially, steering motions are considered for control of kingpin offset and caster trail. Prescribed motions contain both wheel center positions and imaginary kingpin axes in the multi link type suspension. Constraint equations are formulated with di splacement matrix and velocity matrix using instantaneous screw axis.


Kinematic Synthesis;Suspension System;Approximate Synthesis;Imaginary Kingpin Axis;Screw Axis;Kinematic Constraint Equation;Selective Precision Synthesis


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