A Study on Automatic Generation for 3-Dimensional Geometry of Cylindrical Gear and Hob

원통 치차와 호브의 3차원 형상 자동 생성에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2001.01.01


When designing a gear, designers determine basic dimensions of a gear with transmitted power considering strength, interference and so on. But, designers can not easily obtain the tooth profile generated by dimensions as well as the geometry of generating hob for cutting the tooth profile. In order to resolve these problems, an automatic design system creating not only the solid model of a gear but also that of the generating hob using the design parameters of dimensions is developed. Through the developed system, designers system, designers can improve the efficiency of design and satisfy the variable requirements of design as well. In this research, the three-dimensional solid models for spur and helical gears are generated considering the design parameters. Besides, those for generating hob regarding the design parameters of hob is created automatically. The system is developed by using Visual Basic and its three-dimensional geometric modeling module is constructed by using SolidWorks.


Gear;Cylindrical Gear;Hob;Automatic Geometry Generation;Design Parameter;Solid Model


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