자기 연마법에 의한 질화 규소계 세라믹 파이프 내면의 경면 연마 특성에 관한 연구

A Study of a New Precision Finishing Process for Inside Surface of Silicon Nitride Fine Ceramic Pipe by Application of Magnetic Abrasive Machining

  • 발행 : 2001.01.01


Results ar presented of a new process for internal precision finishing of slender fine ceramic pipes using a magnetic field generated by a permanent magnets. For finishing the interior surface of a long pipe, a new type of finishing equipment was developed which can be very easily used in an industrial surrounding. In general, the pipe is so slender that a conventional finishing tool is hardly inserted into the pipe deeply, being impossible to finish. Therefore, a new technology has been considered to finish inside of a slender ceramic pipe by a simple technique. In this experimental, Magnetic Abrasive Machining is applied for the inner surface of silicon nitride fine ceramic pipe using ferromagnetic particles mixed with chromium-oxide powder. It is shown the initial roughness of 2.6㎛ Ry(0.42㎛ Ra) in the inside surface can be precisely finished to the roughness of 0.1㎛ Ry(0.01㎛ Ra). This paper discusses the outline of the processing by the application of magnetic abrasive machining and a few finishing characteristics.


질화규소계 세라믹 파이프;자기연마법;경면연마


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