경화공정 및 수분흡수에 따른 복합재료 하니콤 샌드위치 판넬의 접합강도특성 연구

Bondline Strength Evaluation of Honeycomb Sandwich Panel For Cure Process and Moisture Absorption

  • 발행 : 2001.01.01


In this paper, through a series of comparative experiments, effects of two different cure processing methods, cocure and precure, on the mechanical properties of honeycomb core materials for aircraft applications are considered. Mass of moisture accumulated into the closed cells of the sandwich panel specimen from the measured mass of moisture diffused to the full saturation state into the elements(skin, adhesive layer, Nomex honeycomb), consisting the honeycomb sandwich specimen has been calculated. Water reservoir of 70$\^{C}$ was used to have specimens absorb moisture to see the influence of moisture absorbed into sandwich panel on its mechanical properties. For the repair condition holding for 2 hours at 177$\^{C}$(350℉) temperature, a pressure due to the vapor expansion in each cell of the sandwich panel, which may result in the local separation of the interface between laminated skin and the surface of the honeycomb, has been estimated by vapor pressure-temperature relation from the thermodynamic steam table and compared to the pressure from the ideal gas state equation. The bonding strengths of the laminated skins on the flat surface of the Nomex honeycomb have been compared by the flatwise tension test and climbing drum peel test performed at room temperature for dry, wet and wet-repair specimens, respectively.


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