국소교란에 의한 난류 경계층 유동의 수치해석

Ri, Gwang-Hun;Seong, Hyeong-Jin

  • 발행 : 2001.01.01


An unsteady numerical simulation was performed to analyze flow structures behind a local suction/blowing in a flat-plate turbulent boundary layer. The local forcing was given to the boundary layer flow by means of sinusoidally oscillating jet. A version of the unsteady $\kappa$-$\xi$-f(sub)u model (Rhee and Sung 2000) was employed. The Reynolds number based on the momentum thickness was about Re(sub)$\theta$=1700. The forcing frequency was varied in the range 0.011$\leq$f(sup)+$\leq$0.044 with a fixed forcing amplitude A(sub)o=0.4. The predicted results were compared and validated with the experimental data. It was shown that the unsteady locally-forced boundary layer flow is predicted well by the $\kappa$-$\xi$-f(sub)u model. The effect of the pitch angle of local forcing on the reduction of skin friction was also examined.


저레이놀즈수 난류 모형;난류 경계층 유동;국소교란;와병합


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