Artificial Life Algorithm for Functions Optimization

함수 최적화를 위한 인공생명 알고리듬

  • Published : 2001.02.01


This paper presents an artificial life algorithm which is remarkable in the area of engineering for functions optimization. As artificial life organisms have a sensing system, they can find the resource which they want to find and metabolize. And the characteristics of artificial life are emergence and dynamic interaction with environment. In other words, the micro-interaction with each other in the artificial lifes group results in emergent colonization in the whole system. In this paper, therefore, artificial life algorithm by using above characteristics is employed into functions optimization. The optimizing ability and convergent characteristics of this proposed algorithm is verified by using three test functions. The numerical results also show that the proposed algorithm is superior to genetic algorithms and immune algorithms for the multimodal functions.


Artificial Life;Optimization Algorithm;Multimodal Function;Emergent Colonization


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