Simulation of Machined Surface Considering Acceleration Signal in High Speed End Milling

고속 엔드밀 가공시 가속도 신호를 고려한 가공표면의 시뮬레이션

  • Published : 2001.02.01


To obtain precise machined surface and high productivity in machining, high speed end milling has beed studied recently. Though high speed end milling is explicitly effective for precision surface generation geometrically, tool deflection, chatter vibration and frequency characteristics of end milling system deteriorate the theoretical surface. In this study, simulation algorithm and programming method are suggested to simulate machined surface using acceleration signal in high speed end milling. This simulation is conducted by considering vibrational effect of spindle system which was not considered by other investigators. Good agreements were obtained between simulated results and experimental results.


High Speed End Milling;Machined Surface;Simulation;Vibrational Effect;Acceleration Signal


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