Synchronous Control of a Two-Axes Driving System by Disturbance Observer

외란 관측기를 이용한 2축 구동 시스템의 동기제어

  • Published : 2001.02.01


In this study, a methodology of synchronous control has been developed that can is applied to position synchronization of a two-axes driving system such as overhead crane. The synchronous error is caused by model uncertainties and torque load at each axis. To overcome these problems, the synchronous control system has been composed of two disturbance observers to calculate the torque disturbance and one synchronous controller to eliminate synchronous error. By considering model uncertainties of each axis, the synchronous controller has been designed using H(sub)$\infty$ control theory. The effectiveness of the proposed method has been verified through simulation.


Two-Axes Driving System;Disturbance Observer;Robust Stability;Position Synchronous Control


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