A Modeling and Control of Intelligent Cruise Control Systems

지능형 순항 제어 시스템 모델링 및 제어

  • Published : 2001.02.01


A throttle/brake control law for the intelligent cruise control(ICC) systems has been proposed in this paper. The ICC system consists of a vehicle detection sensor, the control algorithm and a throttle/brake actuators. For the control of a throttle/brake system, we introduced a solenoid-valve-controlled electronic vacuum booster and a step-motor controlled throttle actuator. Nonlinear computer model for the electronic vacuum booster has been developed and the simulations were per formed using a complete nonlinear vehicle model. The results indicate the proposed throttle/brake control law can provide the ICC system with an optimized performance.


Intelligent Cruise Control;Optimal Design;Electronic Vacuum Booster;Duty Ratio


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