Ductile Fracture Behaviour of SPS Specimen Under Pure Mode II Loading

순수 모드 II하중 하에서의 SPS 시험편의 연성파괴 특성에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2001.02.01


The aim of this study is to investigate the ductile fracture behaviour under pure Mode II loading using A533B pressure vessel steel. Single punch shear(SPS) test was performed to obtain the J-R curve under pure Mode II loading which was compared with that of the Model I loading. Simulation using Rousellier Ductile Damage Theory(RDDT) was carried out with 4-node quadrilateral element(L(sub)c=0.25mm). For the crack advance, the failed element removal technique was adopted with a $\beta$ criterion. Through the $\beta$ value tuning-up procedures, $\beta$(sub)crit(sup)II was determined as 1.5 in contrast with $\beta$(sub)crit(sup)I=5.5. In conclusion, it was found that the J-R curve under Mode II loading was located at lower part than that under Mode I loading obtained from the previous study and that the $\beta$ values strongly depended on the loading type. In addition, the predicted result using RDDT showed a good agreement with the SPS experimental one under pure Mode II loading.


Rousselier Ductile Damage Theory;Single Punch Shear;Mode II Loading;${\beta}$-Criterion;SA533B Pressure Vessel Steel


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