The Prediction Modelling on the Stress Intensity Factor of Two Dimensional Elastic Crack Emanating from the Hole Using Neural Network and Boundary element Method

신경회로망과 경계요소법을 이용한 원공에서 파생하는 2차원 탄성균열의 응력세기계수 예측 모델링

  • Published : 2001.03.01


Recently the boundary element method has been developed swiftly. The boundary element method is an efficient and accurate means for analysis of two dimensional elastic crack problems. This paper is concerned with the evaluation and the prediction of the stress intensity factor(SIF) for the crack emanating from the circular hole using boundary element method-neural network. The SIF of the crack emanating from the hole was calculated by using boundary element method. Neural network is used to evaluate and to predict SIF from the results of boundary element method. The organized neural network system (structure of four processing element) was learned with the accuracy 99%. The learned neural network system could be evaluated and predicted with the accuracy of 83.3% and 71.4% (in cases of SIF and virtual SIF). Thus the proposed boundary element method-neural network is very useful to estimate the SIF.


Boundary Element Method;Neural Network;Numerical Analysis;Stress Intensity Factor;Singular Element;Quadrant Element;Fracture Mechanics


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