Development of Wire Temperature Prediction Method in a Continuous Dry Wire Drawing Process Using the High Carbon Steel

고탄소강의 연속 건식 신선 공정에서 선재의 온도 예측 기법 개발

  • Published : 2001.02.01


Wire drawing process of the high carbon steel with a high speed is usually conducted at room temperature using a number of passes or reductions through consequently located dies. In multi-stage drawing process, temperature rise in each pass affects the mechanical properties of final product such as bend, twist and tensile strength. Also, this temperature rise during the deformation is the reason that the wire in drawing process is broken by the embrittlement due to rapid strain aging effect. This paper presents the estimation of the wire temperature for the multi-stage wire drawing process. Using the proposed calculation method of wire temperature, temperature rise at deformation zone as well as temperature drop in block considering the heat transfer between the block and wire were calculated. As these calculated wire temperatures were applied to the real industrial fields, it was known that the calculated results were in a good agreement with the measured wire temperature.


Continuous Dry Wire Drawing;High Carbon Steel;Embrittlement;Wire Temperature;Coiling of Wire


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