A Study on the Vibration Characteristics of Stiffened Cylinder

보강된 실린더의 진동특성에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2001.03.01


The structural characteristics of the stiffened double cylinder was investigated through experiment and analysis. The outside cylinder was excited with piezoelectric actuator and the mode shape of the cylinder with stiffening T frame was obtained by using holographic interferometry. Finite element method was applied for further modal investigation of the stiffened cylinder. The experimental results showed that the mode shape of cylinder was dependent on the exciting frequencies and the T frame showed salient effect of damping at most of the resonent frequencies. In particular frequencies, the T frame worked as a transmitter. FFM showed similar results with the experiments. This paper showed that the laser-based method such as holographic interferometry is well suited for investigation of the whole-field mode shapes and FEM has good performance to estimate the medal characteristics of the mechanical structure.


Holographic Interferometry;FEM;Hologram;Fringe Pattern;Stiffened Cylinder


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