Detection of Interface Crack Using Ultrasonic Method in Adhesively Bonded Joints

초음파 탐상법을 이용한 접착이음에 대한 계면 균열의 검출

  • Published : 2001.03.01


In is well recognized that the ultrasonic method is one of the most common and reliable nondestructive testing(NDT) methods for the quantitative estimation of defects in welded structures. However, NDT techniques applying for adhesively bonded joints have not been clearly established yet. In this paper, the detection of interface crack by the ultrasonic method was applied for the measurement of interface crack length in the adhesively bonded joints of double-cantilever beam(DCB). The optimum condition of transmission coefficients and experimental accuracy by the ultrasonic method in the adhesively bonded joints have been investigated. The experimental values are in good agreement with the computed results by boundary element method(BEM) and Riplings equation.


Adhesively Bonded Joint;Interface Crack;Ultrasonic Method;Transmission Coefficient;Double-Cantilever Beam;Boundary Element Method;Compliance


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