A Study on the Development of the Dynamic Photoelastic Hybrid Method for Two Dissimilar Isotropic Bi-Materials

두 상이한 등방성 이종재료용 동적 광탄성 하이브리드법 개발에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2001.03.01


When the interfacial crack of two dissimilar isotropic bi-materials is propagated with constant velocity along the interface, stress and displacement components are derived in this research. The dynamic photoelastic experimental hybrid method for bimaterial is introduced. It is assured that stress components and dynamic photoelastic hybrid method developed in this research are valid. Separating method of stress component is introduced from only dynamic photoelastic fringe patterns. Crack propagating velocity of interfacial crack is 80∼85% (in case of aluminum, 24.3∼25.9%) of Rayleigh wave velocity of epoxy resin. The near-field stress components of crack-tip are similar with those of pure isotropic material under static or dynamic loading, but very near-field stress components of crack-tip are different from those.


Dynamic Photoelastic Hybrid Method;Propagating Interfacial Crack;Near-Field Stress;Dynamic Stress Intensity Factor;Dynamic Loading Device;Crack Propagating Velocity;Rayleigh Wave Velocity


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