Dynamic Characteristic Analysis of Aerodynamic Load Simulator English

항공기 조종면 부하재현장치의 운동 특성 해석

  • Published : 2001.03.01


A dynamic load simulator(DLS) which can reproduce on-ground the aerodynamic hinge moment of control surface is an essential rig for the performance and stability test of aircraft actuation system. By setting up load actuator as counter acting with the control surface driving actuator and designing an appropriate force control system for load actuator, DLS can be mechanized. Obtaining an accurate mathematical model for the DLS is the first step to successfully design an aerodynamic load replicati on system. Two theoretical models are presented and tested for their validities with the experimental results, which turns out to be not successful. An alternative way of using system identification approaches in investigated to develop a good nominal model for DLS dynamics, and suitable uncertainty bounds for this nominal model are proposed with the consideration of experimental results.


Hydraulic Servo Actuator;System Identification;Dynamic Load Simulator


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