Dynamic Modeling of Bolt Joints Using Lumped Mass-Spring Model

집중 질량-스프링 모델을 이용한 볼트 결합부 모델링

  • Published : 2001.03.01


In this paper, a new technique which models the joints characteristics through reduction of DOFs of structures with joints using component mode synthesis (CMS) method is proposed. Bolt joints are modeled by mass-spring systems. Also generalized mass and stiffness matrices for this models are introduced. Because bolt joints have influence on eigenvalues of structures, exact eigenvalues from modal test are used. The results show that the behaviors of structures with bolt joints depend to a large extent on the translational DOFs and not on rotational DOFs of mass and stiffness matrices of bolts. Furthermore it is confirmed that lumped mass-spring systems as models of bolt joints are effective models considering the facts that joint characteristics converged to constant values in some iterations and eignevalues from proposed method are in good agreement with ones from modal test.


Component Mode Synthesis;Dynamic Reduction;Bolt Joints;Substructure;Constrained Mode


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