Vibration Control of Telescopic Handler Using Time Delay Control and Commandless Input Shaping Technique

시간지연제어기법과 무지령 입력다듬기기법을 이용한 텔레스코픽 핸들러의 진동 제어

  • Published : 2001.07.01


A telescopic handless is a kind of construction machinery for loading, carrying and unloading various cargos. A residual vibration of the boom, however, is often caused in carrying cargos to high workplace, especially in small motion and unloading operations, even when an expert of this machine handless the boom. To solve this vibrational problem, we applied TDC and newly proposed Commandless IST to the telescopic handler, and confirmed their effectiveness through experiments. These promising results show that the proposed control schemes can improve productivity, safety and ride comfort of the telescopic handler.


Telescopic Handler;Vibration Control;Time Delay Control;Input Shaping Technique


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