Dynamic Analysis of an Automatic Dynamic Balancer in a Rotor with the Bending Flexibility

축의 굽힘효과를 고려한 회전체에 장착된 자동평형장치의 동적해석

  • Published : 2001.07.01


Dynamic behaviors of an automatic dynamic balancer are analyzed by a theoretical approach. Using the polar coordinates, the non-linear equations of motion for an automatic dynamic balancer equipped in a rotor with the bending flexibility are derived from Lagrange equation. Based on the non-linear equation, the stability analysis is performed by using the perturbation method. The stability results are verified by computing dynamic response. The time responses are computed from the non-linear equations by using a time integration method. We also investigate the effect of the bending flexibility on the dynamics of the automatic dynamic balancer.


Rotor Vibration;Automatic Dynamic Balancer;Bending Flexibility;Stability Analysis;Time Integration Method


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