최소 변형에너지 밀도 기준의 모호성과 최대 극소 변형에너지 밀도 기준

Ambiguity of Minimum Strain Energy Density Criterion and Maximum Minimum Strain Energy Density Criterion

  • 발행 : 2001.07.01


Sihs minimum strain energy density criterion(SED) often used in the mixed mode problem has the ambiguity of the choice of minimum values. In this paper, as the method to solve the problem of SED, maximum minimum strain energy density criterion is proposed that the crack propagates in the direction of having the maximum among the minimum values of modified strain energy density factor(MS), i.e., sign($\sigma$(sub)$\theta$).Smin.


최소 변형에너지 밀도 기준;균열진전각;균열각;혼합모드하중


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