급 확대부를 갖는 실린더 챔버 내부 유동에 관한 LES

Seong, Hyeong-Jin;Go, Sang-Cheol

  • 발행 : 2001.07.01


A large eddy simulation(LES) is performed for turbulent flow in a combustion device. The combustion device is simplified as a cylinder with sudden expansion. To promote turbulent mixing and to accommodate flame stability, a flame holder is attached inside the combustion chamber. Emphasis is placed on the flow details with different geometries of the flame holder. The subgrid scale models are applied and validated. The simulation code is constructed by using a general coordinate system based on the physical contravariant velocity components. The calculated Reynolds numbers are 5000 and 50000 based on the bulk velocity and the diameter of inlet pipe. The predicted turbulent statistics are evaluated by comparing with the LDV measurement data. The agreement of LES with the experimental data is shown to be satisfactory.


대 와동 모사;물리 반변 속도 성분;일반 좌표계;보염기


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