건식 필름 적층 성형기에서 고온 롤러의 열해석

Im, Gwang-Ok;Lee, Gwan-Su

  • 발행 : 2001.07.01


The thermal analysis of the hot roller in a dry film laminator is studied numerically by steady-state two-dimensional heat transfer. In the laminating process for PDP glass or PCB, the temperature distributions in a hot roller are presented considering the effects of the roller rotation speed and the inner and outer radii of the roller. The results show that the temperature distributions are strongly dependent on Peclet number. If Pe number becomes larger, the iso-thermal lines are more concentric about the rotating axis and the temperature difference on the hot roller surface decreases exponentially. It also shows that if the contact angle between the roller and the film becomes smaller the temperature difference becomes smaller. However, the changes of the rollers inner or outer radius have little effect on the temperature difference.


고온 롤러;건식 필름;적층 성형기;인쇄 회로기판;플라즈마 표시장치;카트리지 히터;접촉각도


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