Vibration Characteristics of Langevin-Type Piezoelectric Torsional Transducers

랑주방형 압전 비틀림 변환기의 진동특성

Kim, Jin-O;Gwon, O-Su

  • Published : 2001.08.01


The vibrational characteristics of Langevin-type piezoelectric torsional transducers, which consist of a couple of piezoelectric discs and a couple of elastic blocks, have been studied theoretically and experimentally in this paper. The differential equations of piezoelectric torsional motion have been derived in terms of the circumferential displacement and the electric potential. Solutions of the boundary-value problem have yielded the natural frequencies and mode shapes of the transducers. The theoretical solutions have been verified by comparing the numerical results with experimental ones.


Piezoelectrics;Torsional Vibration;Langevin-Type Transducer;Natural Frequency;Mode Shape


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