Study on the Fatigue Crack Initiation Life Under Spherical Contact

구 접촉하에서의 피로균열 시작수명에 관한 연구

Jo, Yong-Ju;Kim, Tae-Wan;Lee, Mun-Ju

  • Published : 2001.08.01


In case of contact fatigue, the accurate calculation of surface tractions and subsurface stress is essential to the predication of crack initiation life. Surface tractions influencing shear stress amplitude have been obtained by contact analysis based on influence function. Subsurface stress has been obtained by using rectangular patch solutions. In this study, to simulate asperity contact under sliding condition, the tip of asperity was simulated by sphere and to calculate crack initiation life in the substrate, dislocation pileup theory was used.


Fatigue Wear;Contact Fatigue;Subsurface Stress;Rectangular Patch Solution;Dislocation Dipole Model;Crack Initiation life


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