A Study on Material Degradation and Fretting Fatigue Behavior

재질 열화와 프레팅 피로거동 평가에 관한 연구

Gwon, Jae-Do;Seong, Sang-Seok;Choe, Seong-Jong

  • Published : 2001.08.01


Fretting is a potential degradation mechanism of structural components and equipments exposed to various environments and loading conditions. The fretting degradation, for example, for example, can be observed in equipments of nuclear, fossil as well as petroleum chemical plants exposed to special environments and loading conditions. It is well known that a cast stainless steel(CF8M) used in a primary reactor coolant(RCS) degrades seriously when that material is exposed to temperature range from 290$\^{C}$∼390$\^{C}$ for long period. This degradation can be resulted into a catastrophical failure of components. In the present paper, the characteristics of the fretting fatigue are investigated using the artificially aged CF8M specimen. The specimen of CF8M are prepared by an artificially accelerated aging technique holding 180hr at 430$\^{C}$ respectively. Through the investigations, the simple fatigue endurance limit of the virgin specimen is not altered from that obtained from the fatigue tests imposed the fretting fatigue. The similar tests are performed using the degraded specimen. The results are not changed from those of the virgin specimen. The significant effects of fretting fatigue imposed on both virgin and degraded specimen on the fatigue strength are not found.


Fretting fatigue;Degradation;Relative Slip;Friction Force;Non-Propagation Crack;Gross Slip;Partial Slip;Debris;Slip Band


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