Development of a Hybrid Haptic Master System Without Using a Force Sensor

힘 센서를 이용하지 않는 혼합형 햅틱 마스터 시스템의 개발

  • Published : 2001.08.01


A hybrid type master system is proposed to take the advantage of the link mechanism and magnetic levitation mechanism without using a force sensor. Two different types of electromagnetic actuators, moving coil type and moving magnet types are used to drive the master system which is capable of 4-DOF actuation. It is designed that the rotation motions about x-y axis are decoupled and the whole system is represented by simple dynamic equations. The force reflection is achieved by using the simple relation between the force and applied current and position. The simulation and experimental results are presented to show its performance.


Tele-operation;Haptic Device;Magnetic Levitation;Moving Magnet Actuator;Moving Coil Actuator


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