A New Anisoparametric Out-of-Plane Deformable Curved Beam Element

새로운 부등매개변수 면회변형 곡선보 요소

Yu, Jae-Hyeong;Yu, Seung-Won;Min, Ok-Gi

  • Published : 2001.04.01


It is known that the reduced integration, modified shape function, anisoparametric and non-conforming element can reduce the error induced by stiffness locking phenomenon in the finite element analysis. In this study, we propose new anisoparametric curved beam element. The new element based on reduced minimization theory is composed of different shape functions in each displacement field. By the substitution of this modified shape function, the unmatched coefficient that cause stiffness locking in the constraint energy is eliminated. To confirm the availability of this new model, we performed numerical tests for a simple model. As a result of numerical test, the undulate stress patterns are disappeared in static analysis, and displacements and stresses are close to exact solution. Not only in the static analysis but also in the eigen analysis of free vibrated curved beam model, this element shows successful convergent results.


Anisoparametric Element;Unmatched Coefficient;Stiffness Locking Phenomenon;Undulate Stress Patterns;Curved Beam;Spurious Constraint;Spurious Mode


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