Finite Element Analysis of Air Springs with Fiber-Reinforced Rubber Composites Using 3-D Shell Elements

3차원 셸 요소를 이용한 섬유보강 고무모재 공기 스프링의 유한요소해석

  • Published : 2001.04.01


This paper is concerned with the orthotropic problem of diaphragm-type air springs which consist of rubber linings, nylon reinforced rubber composite and bead ring. The analysis is carried out with a finite element method developed to consider the orthotropic properties, geometric nonlinearity using four-node degenerated shell element with reduced integration. Physical stabilization scheme is used to control the zeroenergy mode of the element. The analysis includes an inflation analysis and a lateral analysis of an air spring for the deformed shape and the spring load with respect to the vertical and l ateral deflection. Numerical results demonstrate the variation of the outer diameter, the fold height, the vertical force and the lateral force with respect to the inflation pressure and the lateral deflection.


Diaphragm-Type Air Spring;Shell Element;Finite Element Method;Physical Stabilization;Equivalent Thickness;Cord Angle


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