Development of Kinematic Analysis Technique for Structural Design of Single Arm type Pantograph

싱글암형 팬터그래프 구조설계를 위한 기구해석기법 개발

  • Published : 2001.04.01


Pantograph, which collects current from cartenary system, is one of the important parts of high-speed train. Kinematic analysis is one of the key technologies for pantograph design and includes joint trajectories, reaction forces, and the required moment of main shaft calculations. The kinematic analysis, however, is very complex and time-consuming process. In this study PC based pantograph kinematic analysis software using graphical user interface tool was developed for the easy evaluations of kinematic characteristics necessary in pantograph design process.


Single Arm Type Pantograph;Kinematic Design;Current Collection;Cartenary System;High Speed Train;Kinematic Parameters;Pantograph Performance;Numerical Calculation;Graphical User Interface


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