Axiomatic Design of Mold System for Advance of Foaming Magnitude

발포 배율의 향상을 위한 금형 시스템의 공리적 설계

  • Published : 2001.04.01


Polymer materials have a lot of merits including the low cost and the easiness of forming. For these reasons they are widely using at many manufacturing industries. Microcellular foaming process appeared at MIT in 1980s to save a quantity of material and increase mechanical properties. There are many process variables in appling microcellular foaming process to the conventional injection molding process. They can be solved by using Axiomatic Design Method which is very useful design method for designing a new product. Its main character is scientific and analytical. The information about the thickness of cavity plays an important role in making an effective foam. The goal of this research is to design mold system for advance of foaming magnitude with axiomatic design method. There is a relation between the change of cavitys thickness and foaming magnitude made after inserting a gas. R/t is a conception that indicate proportion between radius and thickness of cavity in mold system. By means of SEM observation of side surface of cavity sample, foaming magnitude of polymer in microcellular foaming process is decreasing gradually as the value of R/t is increasing. In this paper, an advanced mold system was presented by mapping the relation between functional requirements and design parameters.


Microcellular Foaming Process;Foaming Magnitude;Mold System;Axiomatic Design;Functional Requirement;Design Parameter


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