Global Optimization of Composite Structures Using Triangular Patch Algorithm

삼각 패치 알고리듬을 이용한 복합 재료 구조물의 전체 최적화

O, Seung-Hwan;Lee, Byeong-Chae

  • Published : 2001.04.01


Several design problems of composite structures are studied via a global optimizer based on attraction regions. MSC/NASTRAN is adopted for static and eigenvalue analysis. The method of modified feasible direction in DOT is used for local optimization. Through the review of global optimization algorithms, the triangular patch algorithm is selected because the algorithm is known to be efficient, robust and powerful for general nonlinear optimization problems. For general applicability, various mechanical properties are considered as design objectives; strain energy, eigenvalue, weight, displacement, and buckling load. In all cases considered, the triangular patch algorithm results in a lot of optimum points and useful design patterns, that are not easy by local algorithms or conventional global algorithms can be determined.


Global Optimization;Triangular Patch Algorithm;Composite Structure


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