Drop/Impact Simulation and Experimental Verification of Mobile Phone

휴대용 단말기의 낙하충격해석 및 실험적 검증

  • Published : 2001.04.01


In this paper, the drop/impact simulation for a mobile phone has been carried out with the explicit code LS-DYNA and its validation has been experimentally verified. The small size of this kind of electronics products makes it time-consuming, and difficult to conduct drop tests to detect the failure mechanism and identify their drop behaviors. Strict drop/impact performance criteria of such hand held electronic products as mobile phones play an important role in their design because these products must withstand both normal and unexpected shock. Usually, the product durability on drop impact depends on designers experience. The present reliable methodology of drop/impact simulation provides an efficient and powerful vehicle to improve the design quality and reduce the design period.


LS-DYNA;Drop/Impact Simulation;Mobile Phone


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