A Study of the Iron-Core Solenoid Analysis for 3 D.O.F. Motor Control with Experimental Method

3자유도 모터 제어를 위한 철심 솔레노이드 특성의 실험적 해석에 관한 연구

Baek, Yoon-Su;Park, Joon-Hyuk

  • Published : 2001.09.01


In this paper, the experimental modeling of the force between permanent magnet and iron-core solenoid is suggested for more accurate control of 3 D.O.F. motor using the electromagnetic force. In the case of iron-core solenoid, the general equation of solenoid cant be used simply because of its nonlinearity. Therefore, the magnetic flux density is estimated through the concept of equivalent permanent magnet. The force distribution between permanent magnet and iron-core solenoid is more dependent on the magnetization of iron core caused by the permanent magnet than any other parameters. Therefore, the equation of the force estimation between these magnetic systems can be modeled by the experimental function of the magnetization of iron core. Especially, if the distance between iron-core solenoid and permanent magnet is far enough, the force equation through experiment can be expressed from only the current of coil and the distance between iron-core solenoid and permanent magnet. It means that Coulombs law can be used for magnetic systems and it is validated through the experiment. Therefore, force calibration is performed by the concept of Coulombs law.


3 D.O.F. Motor;Permanent Magnet;Iron-Core Solenoid;Equivalent Magnet;Coulombs Law;Force Distribution


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