Application of the Reciprocal Work Contour Integral Method to the Analysis of Eigenvector Cofficients for V-notched Cracks in Anistropic Dissimilar Materials

이방성 이종재 V-노치 균열의 고유벡터계수 해석에 대한 상반일 경로 적분법의 적용

Jo, Sang-Bong;No, Hong-Rae

  • Published : 2001.09.01


This paper examines that it is possible to apply RWCIM for determining eigenvector coefficients associated with eigenvalues for V-notched cracks in anisotropic dissimilar materials using the complex stress function. To verify the RWCIM algorithm, two tests will be shown. First, it is performed to ascertain whether predicted coefficients associated with eigenvectors are obtained exactly. Second, it makes an examination of the state of stresses for FEM and RWCIM according to a number of eigenvectors at a location far away from the v-notched crack tip.


Reciprocal Work Contour Integral Method;Anistopic Dissimilar Materials;V-notched Crack;Eigenvalue and Eigenvector;Eigenvector Coefficient


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