Measurement of the Flying Characteristics of HDD Slider Air Bearing Using AE Signal

AE 신호를 이용한 HDD 슬라이더 공기베어링의 부상상태 측정

Kim, Jae-Jic;Jeong, Tae-Gun

  • Published : 2001.09.01


The AE measurement is one of the most convenient methods for detecting contacts between the slider and the disk. The AE method has been widely used in the investigation of the tribology of sliding interfaces due to its convenience. We examined the relationship between the AE signal and the flying height of a slider. We investigated the influence of the disk linear velocity on the AE rms signal by using the AE measurement system. The experiment also gives the relationship between the take-off velocity and the disk surface conditions. To investigate the behavior of the slider further, the variances of the AE signals are analyzed. The experimental results indicate that the increase in the magnitude of the AE rms signal does not necessarily mean the slider/disk contacts.


Acoustic Emission;Hard Disk Drive;Flying Height;Take-Off Velocity;Air Bearing


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