Active Structural Acoustic Control for Reduction of Radiated Sound from Structure

구조물에서 방사되는 소음을 저감하기 위한 능동구조음향제어

  • Published : 2001.09.01


Active control of sound radiation from a vibrating rectangular plate by a steady-state harmonic point force disturbance is experimentally studied. Structural excitation is achieved by two piezoceramic actuators mounted on the panel. Two accelerometers are implemented as error sensors. Estimated radiated sound signals using vibro-acoustic path transfer function are used as error signals. The vibro-acoustic path transfer function represents system between accelerometers and microphones. The approach is based on a multi-channel filtered-x LMS algorithm. The results shows that attenuation of sound levels of 11dB, 10dB is achieved.


Filtered-x LMS Algorithm;Active Structural Acoustic Control;Radiated Sound


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