A Fuzzy-Logic Anti-Swing Control for Three-Dimensional Overhead Cranes

Fuzzy 로직에 의한 3차원 천정크레인의 무진동 제어

Lee, Ho-Hun;Kim, Hyeon-Gi

  • Published : 2001.09.01


In this paper, a new fuzzy-logic anti-swing control scheme is proposed for a three-dimensional overhead crane. The proposed control consists of a position servo control and a fuzzy-logic control. The position servo control is used to control the trolley position and rope length, and the fuzzy-logic control is used to suppress load swing. The proposed control guarantees not only prompt suppression of load swing but also accurate control of trolley position and rope length for the simultaneous travel, traverse, and hoisting motions of the crane. The effectiveness of the proposed control is shown by experiments with a prototype three-dimensional overhead crane.


Three-Dimensional Overhead Crane;Two-Degree-of-Freedom Swing Angle;Anti-Swing Control;Servo Control;Loop Shaping Method;Fuzzy Control


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