The Experimental Study of Helical Gear Noise on the Effect of Lead Errors

리드오차의 영향에 대한 헬리컬 기어 소음의 실험적 연구

Park, Chan-Il;Lee, Jang-Mu

  • Published : 2001.09.01


Nowadays reduction of gear noise in power transmission is very important, because the noise regulation is severe and demand of customer on noise is increased. To reduce gear noise, it is necessary to understand the noise characteristics of helical gear. In this work, we designed test rig for the study of gear noise and installed in semi-anechoic chamber. By using this rig, sound pressure level is measured under varying rotational speed and torque. The frequency characteristics of helical gear noise on the effect of lead errors and torque are discussed.


Gear Noise;Helical Gear;Lead Error;Mesh frequency;Harmonics;Sideband


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