열교환기에 대한 스케일 완화장치의 성능평가

Mo, Jeong-Ha;Sin, Sang-Cheol;Kim, Gyeong-U

  • 발행 : 2001.09.01


The objective of the present study is to investigate the performance of electronic scale mitigation unit(ESMU), which reduces the amount of scale in a heat exchanger. The circular tube with diameter of 19mm and plate-and-frame heat exchangers with 20 thermal plates were used for the tests. In order to accelerate the rate of scale in a laboratory test, artificial hard water of 1000ppm(as CaCO$_3$) was recirculated at a flow rate of 5 lpm, 7 lpm, and 9 lpm throughout the tests. The effect of ESMU on the scale thickness and overall heat transfer coefficients was examined. The test results showed that the ESMU could reduce the scale deposits even in the acceleated test.


스케일;전자식 스케일완화장치;열교환기;총합 열전달계수


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