웨지가 있는 원심 임펠러의 유동장 및 방사 음향장 해석(II) -원심홴의 산란 음향장 예측-

Lee, Deok-Ju;Jeon, Wan-Ho

  • 발행 : 2001.09.01


The objective of this study is to understand the generation mechanism of sound and to develop a prediction method for the acoustic pressure field of a centrifugal fan. If the fan is operating at the free field without the casing, the acoustic analogy is a good method to predict the acoustic of the fan. But, the casing gives a dominant effect to the radiated sound field and the scattering effect of casing should be considered. So, in this paper the Kirchhoff-BEM is developed, which can consider the scattering effect of the rigid body. In order to consider the scattering and diffraction effects owing to the casing, BEM is introduced. The source of BEM is newly developed, so the sound field of the centrifugal fan can be obtained. In order to compare the predicted one with experimental data, a centrifugal impeller and a wedge are used in the numerical calculation and the results are compared with the experimental data. Reasonable results are obtained not only for the peak frequencies but also for the amplitudes of the tonal sound. The radiated acoustic field shows the diffraction and scattering effects of the wedge clearly.


원심홴;경계요소법;음원;Kirchhoff 표면


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