An Experimental Investigation of the Boiling Heat Transfer on the Vertical Square Surface

수직면에서의 비등 열전달에 대한 실험적 연구

  • Published : 2001.09.01


An experimental study was carried out to identify the various regimes of natural convective pool boiling and to determine the boiling heat transfer curve and Critical Heat Flux(CHF) on a vertical square surface having a 70mm width and a 70mm height. The heater made of copper block with embedded cartridge heaters is submerged in a water tank at atmospheric pressure. As the heat flux increases from 100kW/㎡ to 1.2MW/㎡, the heat transfer regime migrates from the nucleate boiling to the film boiling. The boiling heat transfer data are fitted by Rohsenow type correlation. An explosive vapor generation on the heated surface, whose size and frequency are characterized by the heat flux, is visualized using a high speed digital imaging system.


Critical Heat Flux;Pool Boiling;Severe Accident;Visualization


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