A Study on the Optimal Design, Modeling and Control of the Multi d.o.f Precision Positioning System Using Magnetic Levitation Actuating Principle

자기 부상 방식 구동원리를 이용한 다자유도 정밀 위치 시스템의 최적 설계, 모델링 및 제어에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2001.05.01


The multi degree of freedom system using magnetic levitation has been implemented successfully. Differently from another noncontact systems, the developed system was focused on the maximization of the system stiffness under the constraint of a limited input. The variation of a relative adopting point between the magnetic pair, its location on the fixed base, and the selection of optimal specifications for the main active magnetic elements give us another chance to realize the increased robustness against external disturbances with the less control inputs. In this paper, the overall development procedures are given including the optimal design, the dynamic modeling, the various control tests, and the main issues to be solved.


Magnetic Levitation;Narrow Gap Principles;Optimization;Magnetic Field;Linear Perturbation Method


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