Evaluation of Fatigue Crack Growth Characteristics Considering Crack Closure Phenomenon in Weldment of Multi-Pass Welded Pipe

다층용접배관 용접부에서 균열닫힘현상을 고려한 피로균열성장특성 평가

  • Published : 2001.05.01


To obtain representative fatigue crack growth characteristic curve in residual stress field, fatigue crack growth test was carried out at various stress ratio and fatigue crack growth characteristic curve was represented using crack closure concept. Obtained results are as follows;K(sub)op/K(sub)max was independent of K(sub)max when R was lower than 0.5 and crack closure phenomenon was not observed when R is higher than 0.5. therefore neglecting crack closure behaviour, actual fatigue crack growth rate can be underestimated. Thus, considering crack closure phenomenon, fatigue crack growth characteristics curve of A 106 Gr B Steel weldment can be effectively estimated.


Welding Residual Stress;Crack Closure;Crack Opening Point;Stress Intensity Factor by Welding Residual Stress;Effective Stress Intensity Factor Range;K


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