Development and Implementation of Real Time Multibody Vehicle Dynamics Model

실시간 다물체 차량 동역학 모델 개발 및 구현

  • Published : 2001.05.01


A real time multibody vehicle dynamics model has been developed and implemented using a subsystem synthesis method based on recursive formulation. To verify real time simulation capability the developed model has been applied to HMMWV(High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle) with steering system. For the kinematically driven steering system, the coupled front suspension-steering subsystem can be decoupled into two SLA suspension subsystems, which improves the efficiency of simulation. To investigate theoretical efficiency, operational counting method has been also employed to compare the proposed model with the conventional recursive dynamics model. Various simulations such as unsymmetric bump run, step steering(J-turn) and sine steering input test have been carried out to verify the real time feasibility of the proposed model.


Realtime Simulation;Multibody Dynamics;Vehicle Dynamics


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