Establishment of Fracture Criteria for Mixed Mode in Bonded Dissimilar Materials with an Crack Emanating from an Edge Semicircular Hole

이종 접합체의 원공에서 파생하는 균열에 대한 혼합모드 파괴기준의 설정

  • Published : 2001.06.01


Application of bonded dissimilar materials in many industries are increasing. When these materials are to be used in structures, it needs to evaluate the failure strength applying fracture mechanics. Al/Epoxy bonded dissimilar materials with an interface crack and an interface crack emanating from an edge semicircular hole were prepared, experiment of fracture toughness were carried out. Stress intensity factors of interface cracks in bonded dissimilar materials were computed with boundary element method(BEM) and the fracture criteria of mixed mode crack were analyzed. From the results, the fracture criteria and the method of strength evaluation by the fracture toughness in Al/Epoxy bonded dissimilar materials were proposed.


Bonded Dissimilar Materials;Interface Crack;Edge Semicircular Hole;Mixed Mode;Stress Intensity Factor;Boundary Element Method;Fracture Toughness;Fracture Criteria


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