Hand Exoskeleton with PWM Driving Method

초음파 모터 구동방식의 역감제시 기구

  • Published : 2001.06.01


In this paper, we present an exoskeletal haptic device named SKK Hand Master. This device is directly driven linkages actuated with small ultrasonic motors. By adopting ultrasonic motors that have advantageous features useful for cybernetic actuators, a compact haptic device containing whole driving packages can be established without additional power transmissions such as tendons. Methods for measuring joint postures and joint torques are developed and a new control strategy called PWM/PS is proposed to overcome intrinsic disadvantages such as hysteresis. Issues regarding design and construction of the device are addressed and several results of experiments for the evaluations of performance are included.


Device;Exoskeletal Type;Semi-Direct Drive;Ultrasonic Motor;Pwm


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