면외변형하의 이방성 띠판에 대한 동적계면균열

Dynamic Interfacial Crack in Bonded Anisotropic Strip Under Out-of-Plane Deformation

  • 발행 : 2001.06.01


A semi-infinite interfacial crack propagated with constant velocity in two bonded anisotropic strips under out-of-plane clamped displacements is analyzed. Using Fourier integral transform the problem is formulated and the Wiener-Hopf equation is derived. By solving this equation the asymptotic stress and displacement fields near the crack tip are obtained, where the results get more general expressions applicable not only to isotropic/orthotropic materials but also to the extent of the anisotropic material having one plane of elastic symmetry for the interfacial crack. The dynamic stress intensity factor is obtained as a closed form, which is decreased as the velocity of crack propagation increases. The critical velocity where the stress intensity factor comes to zero is obtained, which agrees with the lower value between the critical values of parallel crack merged in the material 1 and 2 adjacent to the interface. Using the near tip fields of stresses and displacements, the dynamic energy release rate is also obtained as a form of the stress intensiy factor.


계면균열;띠판;면외;동적 응력확대계수;동적 에너지방출률


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