Effects of Short-fiber End Shape on Tensile Properties of Reinforced Rubber

단섬유 끝 형상이 강화고무의 인장 특성에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 2001.06.01


The tensile properties of short nylon6 fiber reinforced NR and SBR have been investigated as functions of diameter ratio(DR), interphase condition, fiber aspect ratio(AR), and fiber content. The short-fiber(DR=3 and AR=2) reinforced SBR did not show the dilution effect for all interphase conditions. And the short-fiber(DR=3 and AR=2) reinforced NR did not show the dilution effect except for the no-coating. The better interphase condition, the lower dilution effect at same DR. The tensile moduli are significantly improved due to fiber content and diameter ratio at same interphase condition. The pull-out force increased with the DR. The better interphase condition, the higher pull-out force at same DR. It is found that the DR and AR have an important effect on tensile properties.


Reinforced Rubber;Dumbbell Shape Short-Fiber;Dilution Effect;Pull-Out;Interface Shear Strength


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