Determination of photorefrative constants in LiNbO$_3$ using second harmonic generation

제2고조파발생을 이용한 LiNbO$_3$의 중요 광굴절상수측정

  • Published : 2001.06.01


We report a simple method for determining photovoltaic constant and conductivities of any photorefractive crytals which have no inversion symmetry by utilizing the electric field dependence of non-phase-matched second harmonic generation. New theoretical expression for the electric field dependence of Maker fringes is derived and space charge field can be determined using this from the observed change of intensity of second harmonic wave. The photovoltaic constant, dark conductivity and photoconductivity are easily deduced from an analysis of the measured relaxation behavior of space-charge field at two different light intensities. We demonstrate this method for $LiNbO_3$ at 514.5 nm.4.5 nm.



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