Relationship between Classification of Sa-Sang Constitutional Medicine and Chemical Composition of Samgye-Tang Ingredients and Other Food

삼계탕 재료 및 각종 식품의 사상의학적 분류와 화학조성과의 상관관계

  • Published : 2001.06.01


The characteristic fitness of food to each Sa-sang constitution and the relationship between Han-Yeoul characteristics and chemical composition after classifying Samgye-tang ingredients and other food into Ohn-Yeoul-Ryang-Han characteristic were assessed. When the suitable constitution to the each characteristic was investigated after classifying Samgye-tang ingredients and other food into Han, Ryang, Pyound, Ohn and Yeoul of which fitness case for Soeumin was 44∼63% but fitness case for Soyangin and Taeyangin was only 0∼18%. When the relationship between Samgye-tang ingredients and other food classified into Ohn-Yeoul-Ryang-Han and chemical composition of fatty acid, amino acid, vitamin and mineral was investigated, the value of correlation coefficient was extremely low. There was not the relationship between chemical composition and Han-Yeoul classification. Therefore it should be further investigated the relationship between characteristic and chemical composition by additional analysis index.